Luxurious SVAY collection includes elite sorts of tea, exclusively natural components and the exceptional quality of product.

The tastes of SVAY Luxurious tea collection are soft and deep. This is the result of Teegarten company experts’ work. As a good wine, SVAY tastes have several levels of delight.

First SVAY Luxurious tea collection will open to you in aroma, then in the first gulp, and later in its aftertaste...

Black Prunes

Black tea with Prunes pieces
Svay Black Kenya; Kenyan black tea

Black Kenya

Black Kenyan Tea

Red Orange-Lemongrass

Hibiscus with orange peel and lemongrass
Svay Black Assam Черный индийский чай Ассам

Black Assam

SVAY Black Indian Assam Tea

Black Ceylon

Black Ceylon long leaf tea


Black Chinese tea Keemun with strawberry bits


Black Ceylon tea with bergamot, orange flowers and apple bits

Green China

Green Chinese tea


Green Chinese tea Oolong with mint

Green Jasmine Flowers

Green tea with jasmine flowers


SVAY Golden Variety 48 pyramids

Golden Variety tea collection allows you to enjoy a plenty of high standard SVAY teas in a single blend.8 types of long-leaf tea in pyramid teabags

SVAY Herbal Variety 48 pyramids

SVAY Herbal Variety — for admirers of light delicate and entirely natural beverages.

SVAY Classic Variety 24 pyramid tea bags

SVAY Classic Variety is a collection of best tea traditions in a convenient package.

SVAY Black Variety 24 pyramids

Each SVAY Black Variety pyramid bag is a real tea masterpiece

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