Amazing song SVAY Red Orange-Lemongrass — a new look at flavor and fragrance of a flower drinks.

Preparing for the New Year!

TM SVAY offers exclusive gifts for the New year and Christmas for colleagues, family and friends!

From 24 August to 30 September all gifts when buying tea through the online store.

Great news! Products SVAY you can now try on the grounds of the beautiful Crimea, where the combined ethnic groups, traditions and legends are born!

The summer — time of bright colors, rich flavors and tantalizing aromas! During this time, we need to gain vitamins to easily enter into the fall and winter. Taking this into account, HM SVAY offers its customers a collection of herbal teas — Herbal Variety, and reiterates its benefits for the body, and tells in detail about one of the components — Honeybush.

Welcome days had been organized at Toyota Center Omsk (Group of Companies Avtoplus) on November 17-18th, 2012.

The fifteenth jubilee fairy was taking place at Crocus city, Moscow, from the 25th till 28th of September 2012 and became a significant project for the industry of HoReCa.

On May 2012, Svay Teegarten GmBH introduced Moon Valley long leaf tea blend packed in sachets

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