Great news! Products SVAY you can now try on the grounds of the beautiful Crimea, where the combined ethnic groups, traditions and legends are born!

Arriving to the Crimea every man for himself wants to discover something new, wonderful, or just some fun, on the contrary, thrilling and exciting. Here you can find everything…the beautiful sea and the sun, breathtaking cliffs and forests, rushing waterfalls and untamed.

Walks through the beautiful places of the Crimea, the study of its natural attractions can be accompanied with a visit to koloritnyh institutions of the region. In addition to a variety of culinary delights, you can enjoy the entire range of General assortment of tea. Velvety, deep, multi-faceted flavors of tea SVAY emphasize the immense beauty of nature and the hospitality of the Crimea.

Our partners: the company ROK Alliance (+7 978-738-12-13) and LLC El Café (+7 978-753-11-21) will help visitors to Orient the edges in places to try SVAY tea, and will help institutions themselves to improve their level of service quality by including in its range SVAY tea.

The highest quality product — SVAY tea — provides a comfortable stay to the European level.

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