The summer — time of bright colors, rich flavors and tantalizing aromas! During this time, we need to gain vitamins to easily enter into the fall and winter. Taking this into account, HM SVAY offers its customers a collection of herbal teas — Herbal Variety, and reiterates its benefits for the body, and tells in detail about one of the components — Honeybush.

TM SVAY Herbal Variety — a collection of a series of drinks Caffeine Free, designed specifically for lovers of light, exquisite, extremely natural drinks. Each new collection of herbal tea SVAY Herbal Variety is rich in vitamins and, thanks to its high content of antioxidants, has a beneficial effect on the immune system. The sense of harmony and ease arises with every breath SVAY.

One of the key collection is the drink tastes — Honeybush. All originality native shrub with bright colors given this wonderful drink. From the first breath to the last sip of the infiltration of a ripe honey scent. Miraculous healing properties of tea give youth and recreation. Honeybush — chaepodobny drink is produced from the leaves, flowers and stems of the South African bush honey. From the botanical point of view is a distant relative of Honeybush Rooibos — bush grow, both in South Africa and belong to the legume family. By its composition, taste and beneficial properties Honeybush is also very close to rooibos, however, in contrast, has a slight honey flavor and subtle floral-fruity aroma. Shrubs Honeybush (in translation from English — «honey-bush»), which is scientifically called Cyclopia spp.,

Native to the Cape region of South Africa (Cape of Good Hope). Externally, the plant is a low shrub with thin green needle-like leaves and beautiful yellow flowers, distributing a strong honey scent. South African mead has no contraindications — because it lacks caffeine, it is suitable for those who are regular tea drinking is not recommended. The content of tannins in this unique beverage is several times lower than in the green and black tea. At the same time Honeybush contains many minerals needed by the body: the iron, sodium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and copper.

The beverage composition of present active antioxidants that prevent premature aging of the organism and the occurrence of cancer and pinitol — a substance that normalizes blood sugar and helps reduce the pressure. In addition, pinitol has beneficial effects on human skin and hair. Despite a distinct sweet taste Honeybush, it is completely harmless for humans, controlling body weight and blood sugar levels. The sweetness of the beverage is due to the presence in its composition substances insipidus nature that are not digested by the human body and, thus, do not cause any harm to it. Thus, Honeybush and Honeybush based drinks can be consumed every day and be sure benevolent impact on his entire body. For the convenience of daily consumption TM SVAY offers convenient format — the pyramid on the cup. Enjoy your tea!

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