A gift always brings joy to both parties: and that which selects and presents a gift, and that which it receives. Today, the tradition of giving gifts has touched not only our households, but also entered the business world. Want to pay attention to the colleague, supervisor, partner, subordinate — and all this not only brings joy to both parties, but also useful for image formation, building strong effective business relationships. Because correctly chosen gift can enhance your position in a competitive environment!

Christmas and gift tea TM SVAY:

1.​ Exclusive and original gift!

2.​ Relevant and universal for both men and women!

3.​ High quality and prestigious gift!

Almost before every holiday, whether it’s a New year, a birthday or just the long-awaited meeting, we are asking the same question: what to give?

TM SVAY offers to get acquainted with my offer:

SVAY Golden Variety — this is 8 kinds of loose leaf tea LUXURY!

Collection of SVAY Golden Variety is a luxury tea, only natural ingredients and only the highest quality product. Tastes SVAY Luxurious tea collection — soft, luxurious, noble is the result of unique specialists of the German company Teegarten. Like good wine, they have several levels of enjoyment. SVAY Luxurious tea collection will first be revealed in the aroma, then when the first throat and then in the aftertaste…

SVAY Herbal Variety

Series Caffeine Free. Herbal Variety — for lovers of light, exquisite, purely natural drinks. Each herbal tea collection new SVAY Herbal Variety are rich in vitamins and due to their high content of antioxidants, has a beneficial effect on the immune system. The feeling of harmony and lightness with every SIP General.

Special new year offer!

SVAY Black Variety «Happy New year», 24 pyramids. 4 kinds of black loose leaf tea!

Gem collection tea SVAY has a black tint. The relevance and mystery of «Black» was tested for centuries, and in General Black tea taste each Variety of black tea is a masterpiece of tea art, where hid great achievements of the tea production centuries.

SVAY Classic Variety «Happy New year», 24 pyramids. 4 types of loose leaf tea!

SVAY Classic Variety is a collection of the best traditions of the tea collection General. A timeless classic — unique and familiar at the same time. This offer allows you to appreciate the diversity and nobility of the tradition.

SVAY tea is not only pleasant to receive as a gift, but even more nice to give! After presenting it, you can be sure the taste, quality and appropriateness of the gift!

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