Good news for fans of floral teas: TM General launched a new non-standard taste of the tea is hibiscus. For true lovers of tea, this event is doubly significant. First, previously in the range of General flavors of tea was not presented flower tea hibiscus. Secondly, the tea tasters of the company have offered a whole new perspective on the palate, underlined faintly perceptible notes for a deep dive into the multifaceted world of floral tea.

Looking into the history of this amazing beverage, you can emphasize the nobility of taste, emerging at the very beginning of its development. The history of the «hibiscus» covers thousands of years! During this time, the drink had spread outside the Nile valley and to get lots of names: hibiscus, Sudanese rose, red sorrel, rosinella, Venice mallow, kenaf, okra, African mallow. «Drink of the pharaohs» called hibiscus at home in Ancient Egypt. For a long time to take advantage of its amazing properties only the pharaohs and those close to him person. The famous Cleopatra loved not only for drinking but to take baths with infusion of hibiscus, due to which her skin had acquired a copper hue.

By nature, the hibiscus has sour taste, delicate floral aroma and deep crimson color. The tea tasters of the company decided to emphasize natural herbal notes of the drink, adding in composition of currant leaf, rosehips, lemongrass and mint. In the new version the sour taste of hibiscus is softened, the drink became calmer. Concluding the composition, the tea tasters added some warming notes in the finish appears orange and cinnamon. Such an unexpected combination of citrus, cinnamon, hibiscus and herbs created a very pleasant, soft song for each day. Drink, which you can just enjoy the endless stream of tasks.

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