Welcome days had been organized at Toyota Center Omsk (Group of Companies Avtoplus) on November 17-18th, 2012. Only two days Auto Show visitors got the chance to buy Toyota cars at bargain prices and get some tasty and useful presents. Despite of the fact it that was early morning there were many customers was interested by special offers. SVAY premium long-leaf tea and some refreshments and were offered to every guest of the Auto Show. For those who came with children, there was also an entertainer who worked in the client zone of the dealer centre so that young guests had a good time and lots of fun there.

For those who bought a car during two days Toyota Center Omsk offered an opportunity to enjoy the fine aroma and delicate taste of SVAY premium long-leaf tea.

Evgeny, a newly minted Toyota Highlander owner, says, «I had been eyeing up this car for a long time. When I saw a piece of news about special offers on your website, I decided not to let put off to the Greek calends and bought it. Thanks to all the team of Toyota center Omsk for such an excellent car and some delicious tea!»

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