On May 2012, Svay Teegarten GmBH introduced Moon Valley long leaf tea blend packed in sachets. «Product expansion achieves expectations of our clients in Russia. The sector of HoReCa sets new goals for us. Considerable increase in consumption of sachet tea is due to the fact that clients look to the quality of the products in self-service catering», Linda Werner, press officer of Teegarten GmBH, said.

It stands to mention that 12 kinds of Selective Tea Blends for HoReCa allow to arrange tea list of any restaurant fully in accordance with the requirements of its visitors.

SVAY Moon Valley tea blend involves long leaf Ceylon black tea, thyme, cornflower and orange peel. Its soothing and fresh aftertaste puts a spin on black tea. It is a perfect tea product for summer. Now you can buy SVAY Moon Valley tea in sachets also.

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