Svay and Toyota authorized dealership in Omsk have begun a new cooperative campaign

You cannot be mobile, manage to do much more things, move comfortably or long forward without Toyota car. Just in such an instant moving sometimes we need some minutes to realize what’s going on and have a fresh eye on the events around us. That’s why all the owner-drivers will definitely appreciate elite Svay tea packaged in silk pyramids.

With the purchase of automobile or service maintenance in Toyota center in Omsk every client can get a gift — Svay elite tea. Within eight different types of tea in the exclusive package you can choose the very one special for you with genuine taste that comes along with time of day or with your mood.

Svay tea is made of natural components only and produced entirely for your delight, it’is a new quality of life and level of comfort that makes your every tea party pleasant.

More details sea on Toyota Center Omsk website

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