The first novelty of the year SVAY Black Kenya long leaf tea is an ideal drink for morning with its remarkably bracing taste and strong tincture. This African black tea soaked energy of the Kenyan sunlight so that it gives you power kick for every new achievement.

Just as you can find in Kenya evergreen rainforests and lifeless rocky deserts, monotonous savannas and mountain landscapes, wonderful sandy beaches and equatorial snow-covered mountains, in the same way you can find all the variety of natural tastes in SVAY Black Kenya tea. For some people who drink the tea it is a little bit harsh, but has rather a sweet aftertaste. The tea is full body and at the same time has a soft aroma. Coupled with milk it is more delicate but maintains its palate fullness.

Kenya is a country of safari and luxurious marvelously fragrant tea. Having a rare combination of noble strength and magic sweet aftertaste an exquisite sort of SVAY Black Kenya gives you an unforgettable delight in drinking SVAY tea.

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