SVAY Luxurious tea collection. Caffeine Free series

Herbal Variety is intended for amateurs of light delicate and highly natural beverages. Each kind of herbal tea in a new SVAY Herbal Variety tea collection is full of vitamins and thanks to high content of antioxidants it has a favorable effect on your immunity. Every drop of SVAY tea gives you sensation of harmony and lightness.


Wild bush with vivid blooms fills splendid Svay Honeybush beverage with its distinctiveness. You can feel sweetness of a mellow honey scent when you smell and taste the tea. Healing properties of Honeybush are known to be the fountain of youth and are good to keep you in tone.

Green Rooibos Ethnic

Svay Green Rooibos tea with delicate herbal taste captivates with its freshness and purity. Green Rooibos is good for thirst allaying. In the morning the unique beverage charge you with vivacity and in the daytime helps you to focus on your business.

Red Rooibos

South African Red Roiboos beverage with piquant wooden-nutty aroma has a number of useful properties. Rich saffron color of the tea helps you to set oneself on positive emotions, and its natural sweet taste with distinguished slightly sour taste nicely refreshes you even when it is drunk in a cold way.

Thyme with Raspberry

Nice scent of Svay dazzles with its unique combination. Stable character of thyme is softened with a touch of raspberry. Rich herbal beverage with berrylike aftertaste gives you tone and reconditions you throughout the day.

Honeybush with Strawberries

Blooming scion of Honeybush in gustable harmony with mellow strawberry heats your imagination. Exciting odor of the beverage warps you from everyday rush and fills your everyday life with unshadowed dreams.

Green Rooibos and Orange flowers

Delightful colour of the beverage made of green Rooibos is like a sweltering sunny day. Mint leaves make the tea more exhilarating and give bracing coolness to it. Unique bouquet blends in with orange flowers

Chamomile with Apple pieces

Aromatic chamomile tea is tinted with a fruity note of apple. Balanced beverage allows you to relax and in full measure enjoy its taste after working day.

Herbal mix

Expressive assemble of apple, balm and mint is mixed with a specific aroma of verbena that makes the taste of Svay tea so comprehensive. This natural tea is useful for supporting your organism in a good shape.

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