New premium collection SVAY Selective tea blends was created specifically for serving tea in cafes and restaurants. Combinations of selected teas, fruit bits and flower petals, unique transparent material allowing to see the brewing process, and unusual pyramid tea bags will bring joy to guests and will create vivid and unforgettable impressions of great tea ceremony. Rich taste of SVAY Selective tea blends will attract guests to the restaurant again and again.

The Collection consists of the following items:

  1. Pyramid tea bags for teapot 4 g. each. It is a Teegaten GMBH novelty on the HoReCa market that has a great number of advantages. Tea in tea bags for a teapot is easy to use, makes serving easier and faster, and thanks to exact dosage simplifies stock-taking and control processes.
  2. Tea bags for cups 2 g. each in sachet. The main distinction and advantage of SVAY tea bags is the use of large leaf tea and unique transparent material of the bag. Each tea bag is hermetically packed into foil-coated envelop (sachet) that helps saving the tea taste and aroma.

SVAY offer advantages

Advantages for restaurants and cafes

  • SVAY is original and high quality european product that makes your tea menu more interesting and attractive for guests. Simplicity of work with tea in tea bags allows cutting labor of serving stuff.
  • Additional materials. We provide promotional materials necessary for working with the product and attracting consumers’ attention.

Advantages for partners

  • Premium class product provides high percentage of profit for every partner in distribution channel.
  • Restaurant guests’ interest in SVAY flavors provides stable product demand for vendors.
  • High productions quality standards observance. Consumers satisfaction guarantees repeated orders and loyalty to the product.

Marketing support

Qualified tea serving needs worthy appearance, especially using high quality nice tableware. For tea sales support our company provides cafes and restaurants with the following tea accessories.

Wooden stand

Material: wood, glass

Width: 32 cm

Height: 32 cm

Depth: 12 cm

Easy to use wooden stand for Svay sachet presentation.

SVAY tea set

Cup volume: 170 ml

Teapot volume: 800 ml

Saucer diameter: 14.5 cm

Tea set for nice tea serving. Combination of stylish design and usefulness.

SVAY tea set

Cup volume: 150 ml

Teapot volume: 800 ml

Saucer diameter: 14 cm

Tea set for nice tea serving. Combination of stylish design and usefulness.

SVAY music

Good vibes of cafe or restaurant is the one of most important parts of success that can attract new and bring in regular customers. Music plays a great role in creating unforgettable atmosphere. But very often it is hard to find the right music...

Lounge SVAY music was specifically created for HoReCa. This music perfectly completes the image of the restaurant or cafe.

Hawaiian Dance


Chocolate Delight


Fresh fantasy


Charming Africa


Highgrown Bouquet


Morning Sun


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