You cannot be mobile, manage to do much more things, move comfortably or long forward without Toyota car. Just in such an instant moving sometimes we need some minutes to realize what’s going on and have a fresh eye on the events around us.

SVAY Company’s cooperation with prominent auto brands has already become a good tradition.

Svay is an elite loose leaf tea produced under license of Teegarten GmbH German tea company, fortunately now you can find it in some METRO Cash & Carry shopping malls in Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk.

Spring has come and made a present for all the fruit taste amateurs — a couple of new SVAY Selective Tea Blends packed in pyramid bags for teapot. Rain Symphony and Strawberry Chic made of hibiscus with numerous pieces of fruit and berries.

On February 14th, Saint Valentine’s Day, Svay gave a kind gift to all the loving couples who came to Astoria restaurant to share that wonderful evening.

Charming girls welcomed guests at entrance and presented individually packed Svay tea for each of them. The hearty atmosphere prevailed in the dining room warmed with premium tea and lovers’ hot hearts on that day.

Svay Golden Variety

SVAY collection includes soft noble and luxurious kinds of tea with a pronounced individuality.

Pyramid shaped silk tea bag allows to appreciate unique taste of elite long leaf tea. So long as SVAY Luxurious Tea Collection maintains high quality standard, SVAY teas contain only natural additives.

From the 27th till the 30th of September, 2011 Svay will take part in the 14th International Exhibition PIR-2011.

New premium collection SVAY Selective tea blends was created specifically for serving tea in cafes and restaurants. Combinations of selected teas, fruit bits and flower petals, unique transparent material allowing to see the brewing process, and unusual pyramid tea bags will bring joy to guests and will create vivid and unforgettable impressions of great tea ceremony. Rich taste of SVAY Selective tea blends will attract guests to the restaurant again and again.

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